Microsoft Announces Visual Fox Pro End of Life


Microsoft announces Visual FoxPro “End of Life”


If you found this site, then you’re probably already contemplating a FoxPro conversion. Perhaps you have already drawn your own conclusions on why this is necessary for your company and your software application. The fact is this: Microsoft Visual FoxPro is a discontinued product.

While still a sophisticated and stable development tool, FoxPro is unfortunately not a tool that Microsoft will continue to develop. That means no new patches or updates will be forthcoming to provide support for future operating system and hardware changes that are to come. That also means that VFP 9.0 will be the last version of Microsoft’s premiere database development tool.

Wondering what this means to YOUR business?


Microsoft’s official position on a retired product is “Customers are highly encouraged to move to a supported product as soon as possible.”

On January 12, 2010 the mainstream support for Microsoft Visual FoxPro ceased. Microsoft will continue support under their extended support until January 13, 2015. However, there are presently no plans by Microsoft to release any further updates or patches for FoxPro.

That doesn’t mean your present FoxPro application will cease to function as of that date—as mentioned before, the FoxPro platform is a sophisticated and stable environment.

It means “be prepared”

Rather than adopting a “sky is falling” posture, our advice to clients is to develop a sound, decisive and forward-looking strategy.

The fact is that converting applications built on Visual FoxPro over to another environment is inevitable—the remaining question is “when?”

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